1.0 The name of this non-profit company will be Act One Productions

1.1 The company’s address is:

15 Alverstone Road

CH44 9AA
United Kingdom

2 Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this Company will be as follows:

2.1 To promote the enjoyment of members and audiences through amateur theatrical activities specifically within, but not limited exclusively to the Wirral area and to form a social group to develop those aims and objectives.

2.2` To promote two annual productions at The Little Theatre Birkenhead. This includes a Christmas Pantomime in November/December and a Variety Show in April/May.

2.3 To encourage and develop talent within the Wirral area.

2.4 To encourage individuality by promoting original material.

2.5 To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or organisation whatsoever by way of subscription, donation or otherwise to finance an individual production and to make donations to charitable organisation on an annual basis as determined by the Committee and its members.

2.6 The members of the Company will promote and encourage a positive attitude at all times.

3. Eligibility For Membership

3.1 Membership of the Company will be voluntary (except Junior Members and will comprise of a ‘body of persons’ namely family and friends and any other persons who share and accept our aims and objectives and agree to abide to the terms and conditions agreed within this Constitution.

3.2 Membership of the Company will be divided into two categories:

Junior Members. Aged 5 to 18 years

Senior Members. Aged 18 years and upwards

3.3 All persons applying for membership must complete an application form. All applications will be submitted to the Committee for approval. Acceptance will be by the majority vote by the Committee. The Committee’s decision will be final.

3.4 New Membership Fee’s shall become payable upon application.

3.6 The Annual Membership Fee shall be payable on December 1st for the following year.

3.7 The Committee may determine a period of grace for membership renewal

3.8 Junior Membership shall be renewable at each production and will not be subject to the payment of an Annual Membership Fee.

3.9 Junior Membership will be mandatory to abide with the conditions agreed within our Child Protection Policy. Junior Members under the age of sixteen who apply for membership must complete an application form which must be signed by a Parent or Guardian.

3.10 The Committee may at its discretion confer life membership or waive annual membership fees

3.11 It shall be the prerogative of the Committee to bestow honorary membership upon deserving parties.

3.12 Membership will be terminated or suspended by the majority vote of the Committee. Any member who disagrees with the Committee’s decision can appeal in writing to the Chairman who will consider all factors and make a decision. The Chairman’s decision will be final.

3.13 A Member can terminate their membership at any time by offering their resignation in writing to the Secretary.

3.14 Membership Fees are non-returnable once a membership has been terminated.

3.15 Only Senior Members will be eligible to vote on matters pertaining to the operation of the group

4. Management

4.1 To enable Act One Productions to function in a consistent and productive manner a Committee of no more than four persons will be created who will have full authority over the affairs solely relating to the Groups productions. It shall establish and develop its governing policies and regulations in co-operation with its members.

4.2 Officers of the Committee will consist of the following:

o Chairman

o Vice Chairman

o Secretary

o Treasurer

4.3 All Committee Members shall be paid up members of the Group who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4.4 The Chairman will retain permanent status in the Committee if he/she is prepared to accept all financial liability for the Groups activities

4.5 The Secretary will retain permanent status in the Committee if he/she is prepared to share all financial liability for the Groups activities

4.6 The Vice Chairman and Secretary will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4.7 The Vice Chairman and Treasurer can be re-elected for five consecutive terms. However the Committee may extend this period in exceptional circumstances.

4.8 The Committee may appoint sub-committees to carry out specific tasks on behalf of the Committee. The mandate for such sub-committees shall not exceed that of the Committee.

4.9 Members of the Sub-Committee will consist of the following:

o Children’s Co-ordinator

o Public Relations & Promotions Officer

o Wardrobe Mistress

o Social Secretary

o Health & Safety Officer

4.10 Members of the Sub-Committee will attend regular meetings as determined by the Committee.

5. Meetings

5.1 The General Meeting shall be convened at least once a year as an Annual General Meeting in order to:

o Receive and accept the reports of the Committee

o Receive and accept the audited accounts of the Company

o Elect the Members of the Committee

5.2 Such a meeting shall normally be held in during the month of June

5.3 The notice convening a General Meeting together with its agenda shall be circulated to all members of the Company not less than fourteen days before the date of such a meeting.

5.4 Members who would like to include topics of discussion at The General meeting may do so in writing addressed to the Secretary seven days prior to the arranged meeting.

5.5 Members who are unable to attend The General Meeting may vote or include topics for discussion may do so in writing addressed to the Secretary seven days prior to the arranged meeting.

5.6 The Committee will meet prior to any production and will discuss matters pertaining to that production. Matters of importance relevant to the Company will be relayed to it’s Members by any efficient method of communication.

5.7 The Chairman shall have the power to call a Extraordinary General Meeting of the Committee if matters arise that are in the Company’s interest.

5.8 The Committee shall have the power to call a meeting of its Members if matters arise that are in the Members interest.

5.9 The Company’s decisions are agreed by the majority vote of its Committee

5.10 The Committee in certain circumstances will require the support and vote of its Members to make decisions that are in the Company’s best interest.

5.11 A quorum shall be two thirds of the Committee.

5.12 Voting will be by a simple show of hands. In the case of a tie, the Chairman will have the casting vote.

6. Liabilities

6.1 The liability of any member of the Company shall be limited to an amount not greater than the Annual membership Fee (with exception to 6.2)

6.2 The Financial and legal liability of the Company will always lie with the Chairman and Treasurer until the Company can become self supporting

7. Financial Arrangements

7.1 A Treasurers Account (Account No. 82067137) is held at the HSBC Bank Hamilton Street Birkenhead for the purposes of the Company’s financial administration.

7.2 The authorised signatories on the Treasurers Account shall be vested in the Treasurer and Chairman.

7.3 The joint signature of the two above persons shall be required for any withdrawal of funds relevant to the Company’s Activities.

7.4 The Committee will have access to all relevant information contained in the Company’s account.

7.5 The Committee will have all budgetary control of the Company’s Finances and will utilise the Company’s funds for payment of legitimate expenses derived from the Company’s activities.

7.6 The Treasurer will present an accurate account of the Company’s financial status to its Members at The Annual General Meeting.

7.7 The Funds of the Company shall be applied solely to the stated objects of the Company. No Member of the Company shall receive payment directly or indirectly for services to the Company or for other than legitimate expenses incurred in its function.

8. Dissolution Of The Company

8.1 The Company shall only be dissolved by resolution passed by a majority of at least five sixths of the members present and voting at a special General Meeting called for the purpose of considering such dissolution. In the event of dissolution any balance of cash remaining in hand after the realisation of assets and payment of debts, shall not be distributed among members of the Company, but shall be applied for such charitable purposes agreed by the Company’s Members.

9. Amendments To The Constitution

9.1 Amendments to the Constitution will be determined by the Committee in consultation and co-operation with its members. Decisions will be agreed by a majority vote.

This Constitution has been agreed by the Members of Act One Productions and approved by the Committee: January 2005